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08/11/2007 - 7:40am

Iowa Straw Poll


Today is the big event, where the Republican candidates are meeting in Ames to attract votes for the straw poll, which will hopefully show their true standing with the American public. This site is going to have live blogging of the event, so it's a good place for status updates if you aren't able to attend the event.

As of this moment, candidates are currently setting up their tents and signage, and volunteers are hard at work preparing for an estimate 40,000 people to attend.

For those unfamiliar with the Iowa Straw Poll, this is an Republican event held before each election (if there is not a Republican incumbent, I believe) to determine the true success of a candidate's campaign so far. This is generally considered to be more accurate than old-style phone polls (which are very limiting in who they call), because it requires that interested people actually attend the event and pay a fee to vote. To vote, you must be an Iowan resident, and 18 years old by the general election date in November of 2008.

How well a candidate does in the straw poll has generally been a decent indicator of how well they will do going forward.

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